Why SORENSCO Baseball?

Updated Friday January 19, 2018 by SORENSCO.

Why Sorensco Baseball? Know the Facts!

We know there are a number of local programs offering baseball to teen-level players.  Perhaps you’re considering one or more of these options for your player. Sorensco Baseball’s Board of Directors urges parents of players who are weighing their playing options to thoroughly evaluate each alternative before committing to a program. It’s especially important to avoid believing everything you’re told, and to base your decision on fact, not promises. To help with this evaluation we’ve developed a list of facts about Sorensco’s baseball playing (and fan) experience.  These are the reasons we, and many of the league’s current and former players, feel Sorensco is the best choice for teen-level baseball in Southern Rensselaer County.  We hope this list answers the question, “Why Sorensco?”

Community-Based. Sorensco is pleased to continue its long-standing tradition of offering community-based baseball.  This means that all players in both our recreational and travel programs are from Southern Rensselaer County.  We do not recruit, nor accept, players from outside our established area, a practice that often results in the displacement of players on rosters.  

Board Oversight. Every aspect of Sorensco Baseball operations is under the control of an elected Board of Directors.  From financial oversight to player and volunteer conduct, and everything in between, our Board-operated organization has a proven history of high integrity and a demonstrated result of positive influence on the youth of our community.

Cost. Other programs, particularly other travel baseball programs, carry costs that run well into the hundreds of dollars for playing fees. Sorensco programs are considerably less than other programs and our schedules include as many, if not more games than alternatives.  When comparing costs, be sure to consider any hidden fees that might come up later.  Fees such as umpires, uniforms, insurance, and field-use are sometimes separate from the playing fee.

Home Field. Sorensco has a home field. Our field is managed, maintained, and controlled by the volunteers of the league. With the exception of East Greenbush School’s freshman and modified team use, the field and facilities are used only by Sorensco Baseball. Sorensco controls all scheduling of our field, allowing us to avoid the expense and scheduling limitations that come with renting a third-party field.

Full Facilities.  Sorensco’s home facilities include all the important qualities that make the game special for the players as well as the fans.  Our park includes full fencing around the field, fan bleachers, a fully-operational concession stand, a clubhouse and “press box” with speaker system, batting cage, and a brand new scoreboard.  

Multiple Levels of Play. Sorensco offers levels of play to suit a range of skill and intensity. From recreational play in early to mid-spring, to highly competitive All-Star and Travel ball in the late-spring and summer, followed by fall-season travel, players at all levels are challenged and enjoy the time with friends. Nearly all spring-season games are played on weekends to accommodate those players who also play school ball. We also offer a Senior Babe Ruth Division that offers ball travel-type play during the June and July timeframe. Senior Babe Ruth is offered to accommodate those players who prefer a less rigorous schedule than is required with travel-level ball.

Ability-based Placement.  Sorensco baseball appreciates and nurtures players with advanced playing skills and interests.  To encourage those who prefer to play with a higher level of intensity and to be challenged beyond their age-level, we offer the option to “play up.” This allows players deemed capable the opportunity to be placed on an older age-level team, allowing a playing experience that better fits their skills and interests.

Approved Team Managers.  All team managers are screened and approved through a selection process used by the League’s Board of Directors, ensuring the selected managers are credible and trustworthy individuals with youth sports coaching experience.   

Coaches, and Volunteers.  Sorensco has the support of many great volunteers who work hard to make a great baseball experience for our players and fans year after year.

Location.  Our park is located right here in East Greenbush, making for very convenient travel to and from practices and home games.

Travel League Convenience.  Sorensco’s travel teams play all their away games in the immediate Capital District, with most games being within a 30 minute drive from East Greenbush. This makes attending the games convenient and limits the time commitment.  Other travel leagues may travel an hour or more outside the Capital District to play their road games.   

Atmosphere. Because our volunteers work hard to ensure that our fans have as much fun as the players, and because our park has all the necessities of a baseball park, our games have a real air of competition and excitement that’s sometimes missing at non-community-based fields. We’re proud that our park is a popular (and safe) gathering spot on warm summer nights for many local youth.

Structure. Sorensco has a strong organizational structure.  From an established Board of Directors, to a formal written constitution that guides our rules and decisions, our league operations are organized and our policies are intended to ensure fairness for all league players.

Friends. Because we’re community-based, the players (and fans) tend to know each other from school and other community sports and functions. Other travel leagues that recruit players from any number of communities often are comprised of many players/families who don’t know one another.